Four tests needs to be done before you signed for the diesel generator set.

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1.Test startup reliability and start-up time
Remotely start the diesel generator set, document the moment called for from the start signal to the generator readied to get to the rated voltage and also regularity, as well as document. A number of diesel generator collections can be tested in the field, as well as a total amount of 100 startup times (worked out by the individual as well as the maker) can be executed to compute the success rate of a startup and the lengthiest, shortest and also average start-up time.

2. Unexpected loading test
Begin the diesel generator set to get to the ranked voltage and also regularity, add 100% lots all of a sudden, the generator set can not quit.
After generator collection is restored, unload to 0%. After that tons 50%, record the rapid regularity decrease and also voltage decline amplitude; After that tons to 75%, record the instant frequency decline as well as voltage drop amplitude; Lots to 100%, and also tape-record the rapid frequency decrease as well as voltage drop.

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3. Complete tons examination
Run the diesel generator set to complete load and run it at full tons for 1 hr. Document engine exhaust temperature, cooling water temperature and generator temperature level every 5 minutes as well as attract the measured values on the curve. These temperatures must be within the array allowed by the producer as compared to the manufacturer’s criteria and also the temperature level fad does stagnate out of the array.

4. Parallel time test
From another location start the diesel generator set system, record the time called for from the beginning signal to the parallel link of all the generator readies to the bus, and document. In the field can be collected 10-20 times, determine the longest, fastest and average time needed from the beginning to all the generator set parallel.
In order to make sure the long-lasting security and stability of the generator set, the generator lots can be acquired to test as well as preserve the generator.
Triumph lots’s high power generator load financial institution enables high power procedure of numerous parallel makers or independent operation of a solitary equipment, incorporating various power examinations at will to escort the safety and security of your generator collection.

Post time: Oct-11-2022