The diesel generator set turned off when it is running for a while


1. When the diesel generator set collection is automatically shut off, the rate is slowly lowered, the procedure is unsteady, and the exhaust is white smoke. This sensation reveals that there is water in the diesel, the cyndrical tube pad is washed, or the automated decompression is harmed. Steps: Replace the cyndrical tube pad and also readjust the decompression mechanism. 

2. The exhaust pipeline is interested by black smoke, as well as the gas gate can not function typically. This circumstance is primarily triggered by the bad burning of diesel in the diesel and also environmental management machines. The air filter ought to be cleaned in absence of gas to dredge the intake pipe to make sure that the air is sufficient. 

3. When instantly turning off, the operation is unsteady and come with by an abnormal percussion audio. This phenomenon is an unexpected mechanical failing. Locks, the valve soldiers diminish, the shutoff springtime is damaged or the valve rod is broken, causing the valve to diminish. When this situation is found to be located in the job, it should be quit right away to stay clear of triggering major mechanical crashes. It can be sent to a comprehensive evaluation of professional maintenance points.


4. When automated flameout, the rate unexpectedly decreases, and the exhaust pipes are seriously attracted. This phenomenon is primarily brought on by the sudden strong blockage of the engine procedure. Wounds, stuck, as well as bad friction, stuck, shed a shaft or bite the gas distribution device components, etc, triggering the engine to be informed. The lubrication system should be strengthened, the air conditioning system is kept, and also the lubricating oil and air conditioning water need to be reinforced. 

5. During the automatic flameout, the diesel motor sounds stale, stretching hard, as well as hacking black smoke. This shows that the diesel engine is strained.

6. There is no irregularity before automatic flameout, and suddenly the flameouts show that the gas shot pump or the fuel shot gadget instantly stops the gas supply. The reasons are: the plunger springs are broken, the plunger is killed by the pollutants, the injector needle valve card is eliminated, the pressure spring is damaged, the fuel jet pump manipulates the bar as well as its connection as well as liquidates. The trick on the axis was flattened because of loosening up, causing the drive shaft or energetic disk to slide, so the drive shaft can not drive the gas injection pump job.


7. When an automatic flameout occurs, the rate of the rate of the diesel generator price is progressively decreased. This shows that the straight bars diesel motor must not be made use of due to the fact that the diesel in the fuel storage tank is used up, or the gas storage tank switch is activated, or the fuel filter and the oil pump are obstructed, or the oil circuit is not sealed into the air, resulting in "gas resistance "( Gone along with by rate instability before the flameout) steps: To inspect the low -stress oil circuit, first examine the fuel container, the fuel container button, the filter, whether the oil pump lacks oil, the blockage or the button is not opened, etc, adhered to by loose fuel injection pumps on the gas injection pump Press the gas pump switch to observe the circulation of the flowing oil at the airbuilding screw. 

Post time: May-15-2023