The reason for the degeneration of the oil of diesel generator motor oil

There are 4 features of equipment oi: air conditioning, lubrication, cleansing, as well as securing. The quality of the oil is directly related to the functioning performance of the engine. Consequently, it is needed to on a regular basis inspect the fluid degree of the engine oil and its pollution to guarantee that the generator functions under great operating problems. Evaluation of the cause of oil deterioration.


1. Water penetration right into the oil brought on by the oil triggered by the oil
When the diesel motor has a damp cylindrical cyndrical tube, the cylinder cover is damaged, the oil radiator is damaged, the cylinder padding damage, as well as the cyndrical tube cap is harmed, the cooling water will certainly enter the engine oil, which will certainly emulsify the oil as well as deteriorate. This scenario can be evaluated by observing whether the coolant eats too much usage and also whether the oil is emulsified by water.

2. Poor stomach in the crankshaft box or the deterioration of the oil caused by gas resistance.
When the diesel motor functions, there will constantly be a part of the combustible gas and exhaust gas going into the crankshaft box with the void between the piston ring and the cyndrical tube wall. If the piston ring is badly damaged, this sensation will be more serious. After the gas heavy steam in the crankshaft box is compressed, the oil will be watered down. The acidic compounds as well as water vapor in the exhaust gas will certainly wear down parts, which will certainly cause the airplane to gradually water down, maturing and blistering, which will degrade the performance of the oil. On top of that, the gas entering the crankshaft box will certainly enhance the temperature and also pressure in the box, creating the oil to leak from oil seal and also pads. As a result of the reciprocating motion of the piston, the routine modifications of the gas stress in the crankshaft box will affect the normal of the mobilization. Working, the oil in the crankshaft box is in extreme instances to the combustion chamber as well as the cyndrical tube head cover. To this end, the diesel motor is furnished with a ventilator (breathing tube), that makes the stress inside and outside the crankshaft box in a balanced state, thus extending the usage time of the oil. When the crankshaft box is poorly swamped or produced, the oxidation and deterioration of the oil will certainly be accelerated.


3. Diesel-fueled engine getting too hot has actually created the degeneration of oil.
The main factor for the overheating of diesel motor is insufficient air conditioning water, excessive air conditioning in the air conditioning system, failing of the water pump, as well as the cooling water cycle is disturbed, the debris obstructs the radiator, the radiator cover as well as the thermostat The load runs for a long period of time, and the effect of carbon buildup in the burning chamber and also insufficient oil for lubricating oil system. When the diesel motor is overheated, the temperature level of the oil will increase, consequently increasing the aging of the oil.
When the oil of the diesel generator electricity machine works at high temperature and high stress, its antioxidant security has weakened, which aggravates the procedure of warmth decay, oxidation and aggregation. Under the condition of heat, the blending of the oil with insufficient burned items, compressed water vapor, as well as dust airborne will speed up the degeneration of the oil.

4. Improper maintenance of diesel engines caused the degeneration of the oil.
When changing the oil, if the lubrication system is not cleaned or the crankshaft box is not thoroughly cleaned, if the oil filter or the oil radiator is not cleaned extensively or the leak equipment oil filter is secured The brief time (only a few hours) will also cause the oil to be seriously polluted by recurring toxins, thereby accelerating the degeneration of the oil.


5. Diesel motor engine utilizes gas engine oil to weaken.
The compression ratio of the oil engine is greater than twice the gasoline engine. The almosts all are much larger than the high temperature and also high voltage influence of the gas engine, so the manufacturing products of some parts are different. For instance, the main shaft tile as well as linking shaft ceramic tile can be constructed from Pakistani alloys with softer products and good corrosion resistance, while the bearing ceramic tiles of diesel engines must be made with high -performance products such as lead bronze or lead alloys. Poor efficiency.
Consequently, in the procedure of fine-tuning the oil of the diesel generator set collection, include more antidivyo to ensure that a safety film can be produced on the bearing surface area to minimize the corrosion of the bearing on the bearing surface and also improve its abrasion resistance. Because the gas engine oil does not have this sort of anti -preservative, if it is contributed to the diesel engine, the bearing tiles are vulnerable to spots and also pits in use, and even create the bad effects of removing. The floor tile hugs occur.

6. Combined use different brands of diesel motor oil caused the damage of the oil.
In addition to their thickness degrees, the chemical make-up of various different brands of oil is additionally various, generally since the variety and amount of additive additives developed the oil. Under regular situations, the range and also high quality level of the oil are separated according to the range as well as quantity of its additive ingredients. Because various sorts of additives have various chemical residential properties, different sorts of additives can not be blended with various types of additives, or else it might make the oil in the oil. The chain reaction of the added agent has actually decreased the performance of the oil as well as speed up the deterioration.

7. Inappropriate use the oil plate number caused by the wear and tear of the oil.
Due to the various technical conditions as well as performance needs of different kinds of diesel motor at different sorts of diesel engines set, the oil grades needed to be selected are also different. If the oil utilized by the diesel motor does not satisfy the policies, it will not function appropriately, causing speeding up the deterioration of the oil.

Post time: May-20-2023