What are the construction specifications for the installation of diesel generator sets

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2. The installation of the diesel generator:

1. Action the foundation and straight center line of the unit;

Before the staff is in location, the foundation and the vertical and horizontal line as well as shock absorber positioning line should be attracted according to the drawings.

2. Hanging unit;

When hanging, apply adequate strength cable ropes to hanging positions of the staff. You can not put it on the axis. It is also essential to avoid the bumps of oil pipes and also dials. The crew is raised as required to straighten the standard facility line and shock absorber, and flatten the system to flatten the system Significance

3. Finding the system;

Make use of the iron pad to adjust the device to the level. The installment precision is 0.1 mm per meter upright and also horizontal degree inconsistency. There is no period in between the iron and the seat to make it uniform.

4. Installation of smoke exhaust pipes;

The direct exposure of the smoke exhaust pipe need to not be in contact with wood or other flammable compounds. The inheritance of the tobacco pipeline should permit the incident of thermal growth and the tobacco pipeline can stop rain from getting in.

⑴, straight overhead: The advantage is that the switching is much less and also the resistance is little; the negative aspect is that the indoor heat dissipation is bad as well as the temperature of the computer room is high.

stocked the trench: The advantage is that the indoor warmth dissipation is excellent; the imperfections are more transforming as well as high resistance.

5.The temperature of the tobacco pipe of the unit is high. In order to stop the burns and also lower the temperature of the temperature of the maker space, the warmth insulation treatment must be performed. Sound.

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3. Installment of the exhaust system:

1. The work of the exhaust system of the diesel generator collection is defined. After the diesel generator set is set up on the basis of the computer system area, the engine exhaust port is linked to the exhaust pipe of the computer system space.

2. The exhaust system of the diesel generator set consists of the muffler, ripples, flanges, elbow joints, paddings, and also computer rooms attached to the aircraft space with the engine standard configuration.

The exhaust system must decrease the quantity of arm joint as high as feasible as well as shorten the complete size of the exhaust pipeline, or else the exhaust pipe stress of the unit will enhance. The device creates too much power loss, impacting the regular operation of the device and reducing the typical life span of the unit. The exhaust pipe diameter specified in the technological information of the diesel generator set is usually based on the total size of the smoke discharge pipe is 6m as well as a maximum elbow joint and also a muffler installation. When the exhaust system has actually exceeded the defined length and also the number of elbow joints during the real installment, the exhaust pipe size must be appropriately enhanced, as well as the increased amplitude depends on the complete length of the exhaust pipeline as well as the number of elbows. The initial section of the pipe from the unit of the exhaust of the unit of the unit must contain a versatile ripple tube segment. The ripple tube has actually been arbitrarily sustained to consumers. The 2nd paragraph of the exhaust pipe should be sustained by elasticity to prevent the extra stress and anxiety and also the loved one displacement of the exhaust system caused by the warmth effect during the procedure of the air exhaust pipe. The pressure tension need to be included in the device, as well as all the supporting firms and also suspension tools of the exhaust pipe need to have specific flexibility. When there is a system in the equipment room, there are greater than a system of the device. Remember that the exhaust system of each unit need to be created as well as mounted independently. Never ever enable various devices to share a exhaust pipe to prevent uncommon moving caused by different air exhaust stress of various units during the procedure of the device, as well as increase the exhaust stress as well as prevent waste smoke from returning with common pipelines. The typical power output of the genset system or even triggers damages to the device.

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