What are the construction specifications for the installation of diesel generator sets


4. Installment of electrical systems:

1. The laying approach of the cord

The laying approach of wires is straight buried, using cable television indicators and also laying along walls.

2. Selection of the laying path of the cable

When selecting the laying path of the cord, the complying with concepts should be considered:

⑴ The power path is the fastest, and the smallest turns;

⑵, make the cord as little as feasible to be damaged by aspects such as equipment, chemistry, as well as Mediterranean;

( 3) The warm dissipation problems need to be excellent;

and try to prevent crossing with other pipelines; prevent the location where the strategy is to dig in the plan.

3. General demands for wire laying

To lay the wire, we must follow the preparation and style demands of pertinent technological regulations.

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1) Under the conditions of the setup problems, the length of the wire can be thought about by 1.5%to 2%to be made use of as a backup throughout maintenance. The buried cord needs to be buried.

2)  for the intro of the cable or leading the building or the structure, the wire with the flooring and the main wall, the wire from the wire network to the electric post, or the cable television put along the wall, Essence The cable ought to be safeguarded by steel pipes, and the internal diameter of the steel pipe will not be much less than twice the external size of the wire.

( 3) When the cable televisions are hidden with different pipes, cable televisions are not permitted to be stocked the networks of gas pipelines, gas pipelines as well as liquid fuel pipes; a few cords are enabled to be stocked an intense ditch or passage of the water pipe or air flow network, or intersect with these ditches. In the intense ditch or passage of the thermal pipeline, the cord is normally not applied; in special cases, if the cord is not overheated, a few wires might be permitted to be laid listed below the thermal pipe.

The depth of the buried wires need to not be much less than 0.7 m, as well as the foundation of the trenches from the building need to not be 0.6 m.

The structure of knot as well as wire ditch should think about the trouble of fire avoidance and waterproof.

The metal skin of the cable, the metal cable television head, as well as the protection of steel pipelines and metal braces ought to be trusted.

For ease and safety reasons, the diesel generator manufacturer suggested that customers must lay the cable television on the wire groove when carrying out the crew to the ATS electric disk and the wire of the identical cabinet, and treat it for anti -penetration as well as leakage. Triggered by loosening, twisted and also insulating damage.

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