What causes white smoke in diesel generator?


White smoke from your diesel generator occurs because of bad dampness in diesel or laxation at low temperature level beginning. That is, the exhaust consists of more water vapor or unburned yet gasified fuel, so it is leaking white smoke.

The standard element is:

1. There are more water in gas, tiny density of diesel and unpacking of oil as well as water splitting up devices or splitting up filter aspects;

2. When the reduced temperature level starts, the cylinder compression stress is low, as well as the injector is not atomized, causing some cylinders not working, as well as the oil and also gas combination straight release the cyndrical tube;

3. In the very early edge of the gas shot, the white smoke sensation will be worsened when the low temperature level begins.

4. Poor fustorizing the gas jet mouth or trickling oil can additionally cause white smoke when the diesel generator begins.

Post time: May-24-2023