How to choose the diesel generator set?


Choice of diesel generator established setup:

1.Whether to mobile generators need to be a mobile box -type generator set or a mute generator set. Additionally, whether there are special demands for braking and also loading.

2. It is needed to stop and stop the diesel generator collection, whether it is mechanical or electric speed policy.

Third, do you need to change automatically as well as increase the ATS changing closet. The automatic changing cabinet of the Ivanfu family is split into imported and residential.

Fourth, the power required for the generator set is uncertain, and also automated parallel cabinets require to be added.

Fifth, box crews are divided into regular box staffs, container box teams, as well as landscape box staffs.

6. Low sound systems are also called mute units, bringing self -quit function.

7. Select the framework gas container or an independent fuel tank.

8. Drifting power supply in the backup power supply is optional setup, and the standard arrangement does not have drifting charging power.

9, the length of the tool toilet pipe in the conventional diesel generator collection is 1 meter. If it requires to be extended, the cost is computed.

10.Take notice of whether the export item is ordinary canvas packaging or iron -totally free fumigation product packaging.


Diesel generator collections are a power generation equipment based on diesel -based gas. Diesel motor use the power of the generator (ie, electrical sphere) to generate electrical energy, and convert kinetic energy right into mechanical equipment with power and thermal energy. The whole set of diesel generators is mostly divided right into 3 parts:

1. Diesel engine.

2. Generator (ie electric round).

3. Controller. Museum and also various other elements. According to various demands in various places, we separate the generator staff right into a taken care of and mobile trailer. In order to minimize the sound from the generator staff, decrease the work and life of people, and also advertise the designer to develop the power generation with a silent speaker The crew is to mount a steel box outside the generator unit, and the inside of the inside is attached to safeguard the environments of the generator set. The door is set on both sides of package, which is convenient for people to fix and manage the generator collection. The silent flaws not only lower the noise from the generator staff, however also can be put outdoors. Package is like a house, sun block as well as rainproof, so that people have no place to fret about making machine spaces. Diesel generator collections are divided right into generally used generator collections as well as extra generator sets, and also power is additionally divided into frequently made use of power and extra power. The standard common power of each generator collection is 80%of the extra power. According to various requirements, make use of the nationwide power grid typically. If the power is only required, please utilize an extra diesel generator set; if you require to run for a long period of time, please select the frequently made use of diesel generator set to keep it. The moment can be greater than 300 days. The connection in between commonly made use of power and also spare power is: For instance, customers require 100KW diesel generator collections, and also 100KW diesel generator collections are commonly used for diesel generator sets of 100kW * 80%= 80kW. That is to claim, the commonly made use of power of the diesel generator set of 100KW is 80kW. If the diesel generator collection is mounted with a mute box, the power of the generator collection will decrease, normally regarding 10%. As a result, when users acquire diesel generator sets, they should consider the power decline in the static speaker.

Post time: Jul-20-2023