Single Phase E-Start 8000W 8kva Quiet Mini Generator with Inverter

Short Description:

Inverter technology for clean power; THD<3%

Ultra quiet;low noise level 68dBA (@ 1/4 load;7m)

Economy system; electronic speed control function;fuel costs can be saved.

4 wheels;easy to move

Parallel Operation Function (Optional)

Dual Fuel (Optional)

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Product Details

SC10000iO Inverter Generator provides outdoor enthusiasts with a portable power solution designed for a variety of open air festivals. From weekends in the woods to cooking and partying outdoors, this model provides the steady power you need without disturbing your neighbors or surrounding wildlife. The SC10000iO produces the clean power you need for a wide range of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances. Compact and fully enclosed, the lightweight design makes transport easy, and its Eco Mode feature also reduces fuel consumption and noise emissions for long-term quiet operation. Whether you're heading to the big game or just want to enhance your camp experience without disrupting your surroundings, the SC10000iO inverter generator is the right choice for you.

Product Parameters

Model SC10000iO
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated power 7000W
Max power 8000W
AC Voltage 120V/240V
Phase Single
Start system Recoil or E-start
Fuel capacity 26L
Run time (50%-100% load) 6-11h
Engine model SC460(459cc)
Noise Level(@1/4 load;7m) 68dB
Parallel Ready Yes
Dimensions 730x610x750mm
Net weight 111kg
Loading Q'ty (20GP/40HQ) 44/144

Function Analysis


How Inverter Generators Work


Produce 3
DC power

sc2300i_ 2

Convert AC Power to
AC power at up to 20000 Hz


Convert DC Power to
Clean AC Power at 120
Volts/60 Hz or 230
Volts/50 Hz


Conventional Generators:3000 RPM(50Hz) or 3600 RPM(60Hz)
Inverter Generators; engine speed controlled by the inverter unit, changing with the load.
(up to 5000RPM)

Why Inverter Generators Are Better


Inverter generators produce pure sine wave power, which can be used to some
sensitive devices like computers, phones, TVs, stereos, even some power tools. Using
power that isn't "clean" can make these devices malfunction, or even damage them.


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