What are the construction specifications for the installation of diesel generator sets(1)


1. Prep work before setup of the unit:

1. Unit's handling;

When relocating, you need to take notice of the ropes of the training ought to be incorporated an appropriate setting as well as lift the diesel generator gently. When the device genset is transported to the location, try to put it in the storehouse as high as feasible. If there is no storehouse, it needs to be saved al fresco, and also the fuel tank is elevated to avoid the rainwater from being soaked. Damages equipment.

Because of the big quantity of the system and also heavy weight, the taking care of course needs to be prepared prior to installation. The handling port must be reserved in the computer system space. After the standby team is relocated, the door as well as window ought to be developed and also set up.

2. Open the box;

Before the box is opened up, the dirt must be eliminated to inspect whether the box is damaged. Validate the number and also amount of the box, do not damage the unit when package is opened. The series of the box is to fold up the top plate first, and afterwards get rid of the side board. The following jobs ought to be done after the box taking down:

① All devices and devices according to the list of the device as well as the packaging list;

② View whether the main dimension of the device and also accessories remains in line with the illustrations;

③, examine the unit of the diesel generator and also attachment if it is damaged as well as rust;

④ If the device can not be mounted in time after evaluation, it ought to be re -applied to the removal of the disassembly. Do not rotate the device's transmission as well as lubrication part before the corrosion oil is eliminated. If the anti -corrosion oil has been removed after the assessment, the rust -proof oil must be re -applied after the evaluation.

⑤ After the unpacking, the crew should be maintained horizontally. The flange as well as different interfaces need to be blocked, wrapped, and stop rain as well as dust from being submersed.


3. Line positioning;

According to the devices noted between the system and the center of the wall surface or the facility of the pillar, the systems and also the device are marked with the size dimension of the unit. The allowed variance between the unit center and the wall surface or the center of the column is 20mm, and also the allowable inconsistency in between the unit and the system is 10mm.

4. Examine the tools for setup;

Inspect the equipment, comprehend the design material as well as building drawings, prepare the materials according to the products required by the layout illustrations, as well as give the materials at the construction website in order in order.

If there are no layout drawings, refer to the directions, as well as according to the tools's purpose and also setup requirements, the water source, power supply, maintenance as well as usage are thought about, determine the dimension as well as place of the civil plan, as well as attract the system to arrange the aircraft map.

5. Prepare the hanging equipment and installation tools

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